SEO Elements: Rich Snippets Structured Data

seo grand junction colorado web design Rich Snippets Structured DataRich snippets are generally displayed at the discretion of a search engine contingent upon the user search query. Google has been talking about structured data and the semantic web for years.

Rich snippets are based on structured data. Google gives preference to websites which utilize the rich snippets. Structured data is a necessary evil in a smarter web. It helps apply semantic understanding to web pages. Rich snippets are not factored into SEO as a ranking factor.

Said structured data can increase your click-through rate of SEO traffic by up to 150%. This is just a small part of a wide range of SEO enhancements available to websites. Rich snippets can only be created for certain types of content, including products, video, authors, businesses and organizations. Rich snippets are frequently used for things like recipes, events, and music, but they can also benefit your business website.

Rich Snippets Structured Data

Google is constantly testing and modifying its algorithms. Google is then able to apply authority accordingly. Structured data, whether visible in search engine results as rich snippets or not, brings results. Correctly implemented, structured data makes the content easier for SERPs to read. Google’s structured data testing tool ( can be used to find what Google can extract from your website pages. This markup of structured data for rich snippets applies to product pages or pages about a service.