Email Marketing How to Maximize Response

Email Marketing How to Maximize Response

Connecting with your audience is a challenge, sometimes, therefore it is important to practice proven email marketing strategies to be certain you are maximizing engagement and response!

Encourage Opt-ins

Give your email news letter subscribers an incentive to sign up for your email list, i.e. coupons, free information, etc.

Building Email Lists

Don’t SPAM!! It is not recommended to buy email lists from other people either. Have an opt-in form on your Facebook, on your website and on other media outlets… qualified leads will sign up with the right incentives

Choose an Excellent Email Service Provider

Good ones, like MailChimp and Constant Contact will give you good statistics so you can measure the success and conversion rates of your email campaigns.

Email Campaign Content is King

Deliver valuable and useful information!

Complaints & Unsubscribes

Take these seriously, your professional reputation and your business reputation depend on it! Don’t give anyone a good reason to mark your email address as SPAM, as this is a serious offense with very unpleasant consequences and is very difficult to recover from

Be Direct

in marketing your services and products. Keep it simple and straight forward