April 18, 2022

Lindsey Gustafson

Quote & Auth | Lindsey Gustafson

Quote & Auth | Lindsey Gustafson

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Company Billing Address
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Your Website Project

Please provide the all of following to help us build you the best website possible. Each of these items are important. If you initially need help understanding what any of these mean, please skip and your Project Manager will reach out to you to finalize.

Once you accept this quote, your Project Manager will reach out to you to begin working with you on your website project. They will initially consult with you to determine the best design possible while working with your preferences.

Do you have a domain name (.com) registered?
Please provide name of 1) Registrar, your 2) Username & your 3) Passcode.
(ex: yourbusiness.com)
(ex: yourbusiness.com) Please note, these may not be available as they may be owned by someone else. We will run searches and find suggestions which are as close as possible to what you want prior to finalizing registration.

Project Authorization / Acceptance of Quote

Confirm scope, details and quote below.

Summary of Quote:

Website Design: $2,295.00

*Design will commence with a 50% deposit of the Design/Development expense + url cost (if you would like for us to register your url for you). The remaining 50% be billed upon completion of website. Monthly and annual billing will commence once website is published.

Website Hosting: $30.00/ month - $150.00/ month Details below 🙂

Domain / URL Registration if Applicable: $18.95/ year Details below 🙂

  • Confirmation of services of which the Client wishes to commence (below)
  • Content, will discuss and work together to get this created and delivered.
  • Logo
  • Any images and links to be included on website.

All information noted above is private and confidential to Clients and to Grand Valley Design unless otherwise documented and agreed upon by both parties. This quote is good through 05/15/2022. On average, website publication will be completed within 6 weeks of acceptance of quote and receipt of items from Client. This varies according to edit and approval time. Deposit covers development and software expenses, it is non-refundable.

Please confirm: the scope of this project is to build a custom website for my business.
I agree on the estimated delivery time of 5-7 weeks.
I understand, after this project is complete, I will have the opportunity to review my website and request edits prior to going live.
Do you have a logo for your website?
I understand I need to provide content and images for my website. Content, in this context, is information about my business and information for each page on my website.
The quoted project fee for this project is $2,295.00. By providing my credit card information below, I authorize a 50% ($1147.50) deposit to be processed via the card provided and the balance to be processed upon delivery of the project.
Website Hosting
If you selected you would like for us to host your website above
Please select which GVD Website Hosting Package you would like:

* Basic Hosting includes hosting only. This is for website owners who understand the need for security, backups and software updates and will be able to take care of this on their own.
* Managed Hosting includes hosting, free content updates, security for your website, software updates and regular backups of your website. GVD does not offer managed hosting for clients who have their own hosting accounts.

Automatic billing for hosting with GVD will incur on the 1st of the month after your website publication is live.
Zip code of address where you receive your credit card statements.
I authorize Grand Valley Design to begin work on this project & process deposit and final payment, along with any monthly or annual charges I authorized above, to the above credit card as outlined in the project scope above.