SEO Elements: Rich Snippets Structured Data

Rich snippets are generally displayed at the discretion of a search engine contingent upon the user search query. Google has been talking about structured data and the semantic web for years. Rich snippets are based on structured data. Google gives preference to websites which utilize the rich snippets. Structured data is a necessary evil in a smarter[…]

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Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design – (mobile friendly) design is SEO friendly. Responsive web design consists of three primary components: layouts, media queries and media which are flexible to screen size on the website user end. It is a technique to build web pages that alter how they look using CSS3 media queries. It was never meant[…]

Are Backlinks Still a Primary Ranking Factor for SEO

Are Backlinks Still a Primary Ranking Factor for SEO?

Backlinks are imperative to any search engine optimization endeavor.   Are all backlinks created equal? No! 2 types: High Quality & Low Quality.   Who determines ‘quality’? Search engines.   What defines a high quality backlink? Primarily 3 factors: 1) high quality backlinks will live on a website relative to your niche 2) high quality backlinks will be[…]

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Website Design

A website for your business is more than just a tool for making your business visible to the virtual world.  It is a valuable marketing resource which will increase revenue and help your company implement business strategies with quality content and help you set your business apart from competition.   Grand Valley Design is an established[…]

New Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm April 2015

New Google Mobile Friendly Algorithm April 2015 Will you be ready for April 21, 2015? Will your search engine ranking be penalized? Starting April 21, Google will be using mobile-friendliness as a ranking factor in searches. This change may impact your website’s placement in search results, as announced on their blog. Many are calling this change[…]